Review of the Japanese box office: "Kamen Rider" spared from war in the championship

Review of the Japanese box office: "Kamen Rider" spared from war in the championship
The movie "Kamen Rider Kamen Rider × OOO Contact with the black and white feat. Skeleton core war film" Poster

Last weekend there were five highest-grossing film in Japan reached the top ten, in the end of the year this season, the box office war has gradually started. Last weekend, the top box-office charts is no longer the movie "Space Battleship Yamato" or the movie "Harry Potter", and special photo movie "Kamen Rider" movie has become the biggest highlight of the weekend.
As the 2010 movie "Kamen Rider" series to wrap up as, "Kamen Rider Kamen Rider W OOO skull with the core tools with X lyrics, multimedia war" in the Japan release of 274 screens the weekend two days mobilized 32 visitors by 5667, received 300 million \ 70,124,400 at the box office, film publicity before the release is in place, resulting in the release within three weeks before the pre-sale tickets were sold 200,000, which has become advance tickets for this series record compared to the film released in August this year, "Kamen Rider Female:. the fate of Gaia memory", the first weekend of the latter 11.6%.
Leader in the "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows • (I)" at the weekend was "Kamen Rider" pushed to the No. 2 position, the film has been released in Japan, a 5-week, and now has mobilized over 400 million viewers , received 49 billion yen in box office. Takuya Kimura starring "Space Battleship Yamato" homeopathic notches to No. 3 position, 3 weeks after release, the film has mobilized a total of 1,881,030 viewers, received 2.2 billion \ 85,419,860 at the box office.
Remember 1982, the world renowned "The Creation: War record," What virtual electronic world, fantastic visual experience, is that the era of obsessed fans of classic last weekend, known as "The Creation: Millennium War 2"? . God as "a • Wars" in most parts of the world together in the exhibition, visitors are fortunate enough to feast their eyes on Japan, the film screens in the whole co-released in Japan 533, the first two days of weekend to mobilize 167,709 people, and achieved revenues of 200 million box office \ 85,035,100 at the box office, plus the box office last Friday, a total mobilization of the 216,887 spectators, won the 300,000,000 65,329,500 yen.Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Security The film director Joseph • Kejinsiji led to Japanese propaganda, but also makes the film's box office upgrade to a new level.
Another masterpiece of Hollywood this year's "Shrek 4" has finally arrived in Japan last weekend, the film released in Japan, 356 screens, a total of 88,523 spectators watched the film, the film also won the 100 000 000 21136500 Japanese yen at the box office, the film's powerful voice lineup Hamada Ya Gong, Norika Fujiwara, Naoto Takenaka, all the publicity for the film to create some momentum. Ranked No. 6 is also the new film by Koji Sato Hall Ho City, starring the "last loyalists hiding" the film based on well-known novelist, pool house Shoichiro novel of the same name, in Japan 309 screen release. The first two days of mobilization of the weekend 86,838 visitors, access to the box office revenue of \ 96,080,500.
Film "Norwegian Wood" has just released the first 2 weeks to brutally suppress the ranking suddenly dropped 4, No. 7, followed by a "warrior's household book." • Christina Aguilera's new film starring "burlesque" ranked 9th, the film released in Japan, 225 screens, has mobilized 56,549 spectators, received \ 75,034,100 at the box office. Russell Crowe and Kate • • Blanchett. Starring "Robin Hood" came bottom of the popular anime "Bleach The Movie: Inferno" ranked only 11th.


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American horror film "fetish"

American horror film "fetish"

Song Hye Kyo's first explore the way Hollywood works, "fetish" Poster
Recently, Song Hye Kyo's first movie to expand overseas, "fetish" ("Fetish") before exposure trailers, movies,x431|VCM IDS|Auto Diagnostic|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054A Web exclusive compilation Chinese subtitles. Song Hye Kyo's role in the film Kyi in the family marrying Koreans to the United States after the neighbor of John (Arnold Fuli Chomsky ornaments) and Julie (Athena Currey ornaments) and his wife envy quiet life of ease in Driven by her desire to end the destruction of the couple's happy life. This time Joe sister is acting very much looking forward to the challenges.

Formerly known as the "marriage" and the film recently renamed the "fetish", positioned as a psychological suspense film, films about victims of shamanism by Korean women Kyi (Song Hye Kyo played) after living in the determination to abandon the witches away married to the United States, get to know women in her neighborhood and,Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3|Benz Star|Renault CAN Clip|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|Fly 100 Honda increasingly, the process of trying to imitate the latter, was secretly in a series of psychological conflicts and desires. Video from New York University graduate film department of the Korean director of Sun Xiufan directed the short film "The fish in the sea is not thirsty," who have been invited to Pusan and Cannes, is the feature film debut as Song Hye Kyo to join the cause for concern.

Film in the 13th Pusan International Film Festival debut, when it caused a lot of media attention.

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"Shoulder butterfly" appearance AMF Prince temperament Kun

"Shoulder butterfly" appearance AMF Overseas concerns raised Kun Prince temperament
"Shoulder butterfly" appearance AMF Prince temperament Kun

Gui Lun Mei's appearance in the film

Guided by the great literary creation Zhang Liang's new film "Butterfly shoulders", 4, officially unveiled last show AFM American Film Market (hereinafter referred to as AFM).auto diagnostic tools Programmer and Chips Auto Testing Tools Transponder Key The film had a mere actors interviewed by the composition of stills and videos to get attention at Cannes. AFM in the 4-day, introduced the first version of the film trailer, also won the foreign film of all ages.
In Hollywood movies occupy the mainstream of the global film market atmosphere, the "shoulder Butterfly" as the Chinese Ministry of fantasy films Jieshou live animated film concept, which combines Eastern and Western aesthetic conception of the visual performance of modern special effects, it is refreshing.
With film companies in the AFM field read "shoulder Butterfly" trailer after the occurrence of a few paragraphs on the movie love story with great appreciation that the title is very profound meaning, the director conveys well the classical and romantic oriental country, " while the future of technology with the rich sense of visual effects package the whole story. "
The performance in the film starring Chen Kun, it is attracted film companies are the arguments, "the actor (Chen Kun) who has the elusive qualities, he looks melancholy, clean, but the heart seems boundless enthusiasm hidden at any time might break out. "Some people even said that from Chen Kun Shakespeare can be found here, those handsome prince on the scene.
As Chen Kun in the "shoulder Butterfly", respectively, and Guey Lun Mei, Jiang Yan, who have had emotional entanglements, so Chen Kun Which actress and seems the most suitable, has become the scene of the episode.


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