"Lost City" lead hot lov

"Lost City" lead hot love triangle
"Lost City" after the release schedule has changed and then changed, and ultimately determine the end of October release. October 13 to bring that up, the director Zhang Jia Rui also lament: "made a large piece of hitting to be dead."


On the line
Big stars do not love to experience life
Film "Lost City" in the cast is very not dominant, in addition to actress Huo Siyan, the actor and other key creative Guo Ran are downright new.
Zhang Jia Rui said, the film script is finalized, have talked about cooperation with many big-name actors, there is light Actress Zhang Jing early, according to Huang, Jiang Yan, Hao Lei, Huo Siyan, who come to audition. Zhang Jia Rui is not re-enable once the rumored girlfriend Zhang Jing early reason: "just released last year," Red River ", by Zhang Jing early is playing a shampoo girl, the" Lost City "heroine or a hair salon in the coolie, the roles of that repeat, do not let her play, but will still have the opportunity to cooperate. "
As for other big-name actors, Zhang Jia Rui bluntly: "A lot of big stars will take a few people at a show, and we shot this scene before an actor must go to experience life, which is these big stars did not want to go do not have time nor energy. "
"End-actress Huo Siyan the reason is because she turned down other is willing to play, go to the salon experience life for one month. The hero in the village before the shooting, lived in Chongqing, two months, do not give him money not to his cell phone, followed by dinner with work in the fields with farmers, "Zhang Jia Rui said," new actors to break a future for himself, the crew will be willing to accept these 'things difficult', while the big stars will not. "

That investment
Made a large hole in space
Although the points to the many benefits of using new, but the chapter house Rui own admission, in the commercial film market competition is very fierce, big actors guarantee of the first at the box office, "Zhang Yimou, Feng Xiaogang is more than I dared to use new, they themselves big star big director, that the use of new people have high box office. "
Film "Lost City" in order to avoid the impact from the large, he will release schedule has changed from the April to June and then changed to August, before finalizing the final end of the 10 release, Zhang Jia Rui joked: "When released had is a large bully. "
However, only 600 million investment in the film "Labyrinth" is actually released before the early recovery of the cost, the film rights sold in Japan at present price of $ 300,000, while in South Korea, the United States and sold in Europe and other countries have good price. In other words, the domestic theatrical release yet,Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Security this film has been making money.
It has been hovering in the field of small pieces of the chapter house Rui ever want to shoot a blockbuster it? Home Swiss answer to this chapter: "Now only the pursuit of many domestic large large large investment portfolio, but the content is empty, nowhere near the audience can not be moved. If I shoot large, it will certainly insist on their own, can not cut fun."
Horror film
With the opposite sex who would not?
"Lost City" is a thriller, the film surface, male college students about poverty, Guo Ran, shampoo mei Huo Siyan and female college students Gesi natural triangle, but the content directly reflects the growing polarization in today's society the phenomenon, and for the first time college students in particular face is hard to tell poor students and the objective existence of sexual repression issues. Industry commented that the "Lost City" the biggest bright spot is the Hitchcock-style suspense thriller and care for vulnerable groups of these two seemingly unrelated content integration.
Not long ago, the film played the "Do not look without the opposite sex," the ad, Zhang Jia Rui explained that this is to pass a message to the audience, "" Secrets of the Past "is a hit thriller, suspense, love the movie For girls, this film is atrocious, very scary, with an opposite sex to be of good courage. "
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"Midnight heartbeat" Sim

"Midnight heartbeat" Simon Yam accompany Beauty "twisted man" most Kaopu

"Midnight heartbeat" Simon Yam accompany Beauty "twisted man" most Kaopu
Simon Yam "Midnight heartbeat" stills

The most powerful of the year Star thriller "Midnight heartbeat," the concern of online degrees, alive, Aspect also been exposed. Actor to join, artistes who cheer, particularly transfiguration "lonely doctor" Simon Yam, acting people address him "exquisite", Simon Yam also accompany beauty named by "midnight heartbeat" the most tricky, illocutionary very profound meaning.

Accompany beautiful "Midnight heartbeat" the most Kaopu

Simon Yam in the film who plays a surgeon Guzhen Sheng, read, played by Li Wen Miao,Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool |auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO Calculator Yang Chongqing and Chongqing, played by Hsiao-Chuan Yu, Yao Wu Xinyao flute, played by both rival role will, in particular, Lee and Yang Chongqing and Chongqing to study.

In the film, Li Niangang done heart transplants, the doctor is Guzhen Sheng, and video climax that study and Guzhen Sheng Li complex relationship, and to the same doctor Michael Xiang Yu (Francis Ng decoration) involved, complicated story. In addition, Simon Yam and Yang Chongqing and Chongqing also highlight the ambiguous situation. Gu Zhensheng middle-aged widowed, but also to his wife feels guilty, and as Guzhen Sheng "sister-in-law" and Hsiao-Chuan rain because of the depression over missing sister or two because the "deceased" together, and led out of the horror of some events.

According to Cui Lin Jieshao general producer of the film, accompanied beauty "midnight heartbeat," Simon Yam also the most beautifully shy. The implication is that Simon Yam, not only in life, which is beautifully shy people, and in the film is a beautifully shy doctor, husband, brother and other multiple roles? Specific unknown.

Simon Yam plays a role in the most twisted

However, the film's producer said the people spawned: the big brother starred Simon Yam is very tricky,Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Security and he performed Gu Zhensheng this role is the most twisted film a role that can be described as "twisted brother."

It is reported that "gold as the winner," Simon Yam has been "gang big brother" appear in the screen, so that mention of Simon Yam, fans will automatically think of "Big Brother", which Simon Yam is very upset because he always wanted to challenge multi-faceted role, out of "big brother" of the constraints. The starred in "Midnight heart" is an opportunity to film ordinary people going in the image to Simon Yam got his wish, and Simon Yam himself as the their hard pains. Try to figure out the script, heart performance, and the young actor is also the issue of performance, let yourself to absorb more new elements, in order to ensure their own performances in place, consistent with the requirements of video effects, actor commendable professionalism.
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"Black Swan" exclusive image Portman played two women kissing

Same-sex kissing

Recently, the "Wrestling King" director Darren Khodorkovsky's new film "Black Swan" notice of release of the first branch, the film web exclusive compilation Chinese subtitles. Natalie Portman in the trailer and Mila Kunis also staged a passion overflowing "Brokeback kiss."
Film "Black Swan" is about the ballerina Nina, played by Natalie Portman will soon become the new season, "Swan Lake" lead candidate, which is Mila Kunis opponent suddenly played so Nina feels the pressure is very great. Together with his ballerina mother used to put pressure on the psychological Nina began to collapse. She caught the paranoia among the emerging fantasy to Nina and her opponent dragged into a dangerous situation. From the film trailer can be seen, good description of the director of psychological description of the heroine in the process of collapse from the normal into the Department used a number of classic movie plot: a hard back hair reminiscent of David Cronenberg's " The Fly "; eyes were wide lens is reminiscent of the director's classic" Dream Requiem. "
Film "Black Swan" has been selected as this year's Venice International Film Festival films, then will attend the Toronto International Film Festival and will be on December 1st release in North America.

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